Multicam Editing with Premiere Pro CS6 and PluralEyes 3 – Fail

| November 28, 2012

Evidently, trying to use a combination of using spanned clips (AVCHD clips from Panasonic AF100) and PluralEyes 3 to create a multicam clip is too much.  It just does not work.  We’re going to *have to* use FCPX for a while.

There are multiple instances of failure along the way.

  1. Importing spanned clips into Premiere – it’s fine
  2. Opening the sequence in PluralEyes 3 (using Window -> Extension -> PluralEyes, once the extension has been installed) – fine
  3. Automatic transcoding in PE3 – fail.  Can’t handle the MTS files.  Also, the first of the spanned clip shows up only as the first part.  The automatic link gets broken in this process.
  4. What about just inserting individual clips (of the spanned clip) in PE3 directly? – importing works but it still fails to transcode
  5. Sync – fail in PE3

Not so helpful links that I looked up