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50th Anniversary of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr’s “I Have a Dream” Speech 

Hey team. Today is the 50th anniversary of MLK's historic speech. Here is a video, to refresh our collective memories:

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Multicam Editing with Premiere Pro CS6 and PluralEyes 3 – Fail 

Evidently, trying to use a combination of using spanned clips (AVCHD clips from Panasonic AF100) and PluralEyes 3 to create a multicam clip is too much.  It just does not work.  We're going to *have to* use FCPX for a while. There are multiple instances of failure along the way. Importing spanned clips into Premiere …

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Multicam Editing on FCPX Explanation 

I found this helpful.  Hope you do too.

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Drag & Drop Lean Mean Green Screen in FCPX 

Yes, Final Cut Pro X has gotten a lot of grumbling.  Mostly from ... everyone.  But it does try to make things easier. The link to the tutorial is below. Go to Final Cut Pro X Essential Training then click on Compositing using chroma key (green screen) and luma key which is the last item …

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How To Animate Photographs In After Effects And Photoshop! 

Want to add dynamic animation to your photographs like this video? Fret no more! It's as easy as using Photoshop's Quick Mask option and After Effects' 3D capabalities! Quick Mask Tutorial (Photoshop) 3D Tutorial (After Effects)

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2 useful tricks in Soundtrack Pro 

It could seem outdated to publish any tutorials or "tricks" in Soundtrack since FCPX decided to phagocyte this software (alongside Color (rip)), but until FCPX will unveil its secret of sound editing here's 2 things useful to know in Soundtrack Pro: Adjust amplitude and Noise reduction. You'll need to adjust amplitude when you've been too …

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