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the grid 

Hey if you have time check out a piece or two from this short documentary series by my buddies in Chicago. (The one called "snaggers" is by me!). I think these guys really know how to use silence in the narration well on some of these pieces. Applicable to SINY? Anyway, they also shoot on …

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Look Around You. Maths! 

According to Jad Abumrad, this is 8 minutes of happiness.  But I would understand if you stop watching after a minute.

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Strage Prize Video 

Publication: Library Pressible Site. Producer Notes: Lalitha's video is a result of the Strage Prize to support junior Faculty at TC. Luke and I shot this one night this summer. We filmed after the program closed for the day. Technical Notes: As you can see there is a lot of orange going on. Hopefully Yana …

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