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Earl Sweatshirt 

Check this out as a way to display/curate a video. Also this song is awesome. Also this guy was born in 1994. Don't think about that for too long. New SINY style?

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An Interview with Anthony L. Brown and Keffrelyn D. Brown 

First published on the Teachers College Record The Teachers College Record is a journal of research, analysis, and commentary in the field of education. It has been published continuously since 1900 by Teachers College, Columbia University In this episode of "The Voice," Anthony Brown and Keffrelyn Brown were interviewed about the paper they published in …

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Recording commercials (Media Show in the Classroom) 

In this third installment of the "Media Shot in the Classroom" series, we led the students while they recorded their commercials, which was quite an experience! Publishing Location The “Media Show in the Classroom” series will appear on the Media Show Case Study Pressible site. Producer Notes Here's the third (but not final!) episode of …

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