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Can we just pause for a moment and recognize the brilliance of Sophia Coppola's latest film trailers.

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Author Feedback Tool (Conference Notes) 

Publishing Location: This series will be published on the EdLab blog. Producer Notes: Molly and I have been having a great time experimenting with this series for a couple of weeks now, initially trying a digital version with Jess, and now emulating Lev Yilmaz's Tales of Mere Existence style. It was a lot of fun …

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Kay Cassell: How to Get Published 

This is a video with some lo-fi hand-written animation featuring some pointers about how to get published. Publishing Location: This video is published on the Gottesman Library Pressible site. Producer Notes: The interview went really quick. Kay had her sound bites down and that made it really easy to shoot and edit. It might help …

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