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Can we just pause for a moment and recognize the brilliance of Sophia Coppola's latest film trailers.

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Here is a suggestion, from one lab to another lab.... Radiolab is a radio show on WNYC ¬†(it is also available on iTunes podcasts) that discusses scientific topics in a unique form driven by a soundscape and a fun two person VO style. ¬†DEFINITELY take a listen to the podcast if you can. ¬† They …

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Dig ccmixter  ☆

I just found this website, and I think it's great for delving into ccmixter in a more efficient way: I like how you can specify genres as well as "instrumental music for video and film." Awesome!

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TED interview with David Byrne 

I am liking what the editor did with close-ups in this interview with David Byrne, and the outro material at the end. It makes me think it might be a good way to handle the Voice. But then again, this is very much a tactic for emphasizing the character of the person you are interviewing. …

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