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Can we just pause for a moment and recognize the brilliance of Sophia Coppola's latest film trailers.

Posted 108 months ago by

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Strage Prize Video 

Publication: Library Pressible Site. Producer Notes: Lalitha's video is a result of the Strage Prize to support junior Faculty at TC. Luke and I shot this one night this summer. We filmed after the program closed for the day. Technical Notes: As you can see there is a lot of orange going on. Hopefully Yana …

Posted 109 months ago by

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Amazing Editing 

I was watching the film festival finalists on Vimeo and came across this short. The editing is so interesting - I would never think of cutting something this way. Very inspiring.

Posted 109 months ago by

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Author Feedback Tool (Conference Notes) 

Publishing Location: This series will be published on the EdLab blog. Producer Notes: Molly and I have been having a great time experimenting with this series for a couple of weeks now, initially trying a digital version with Jess, and now emulating Lev Yilmaz's Tales of Mere Existence style. It was a lot of fun …

Posted 111 months ago by

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Interesting video style to check out 

A friend recently sent me a link to Sean Mullen's Vimeo page, a video artist that does some amazing work with individual portraits/short stories. As we continue to experiment with telling interesting visual stories of people for the music series, the desk series, edlab vlog etc, it might be cool to keep this style in …

Posted 112 months ago by

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Adding Vignettes in Color 

Here's a great tutorial by our friends at Creative Cow on adding and manipulating vignettes in Color. (Hint, don't use the Color FX vignette!)

Posted 113 months ago by

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ALCC Program in Rochester 

This is a video about the ALCC program (Arts, Literacy, and Classroom Community), a creative arts program in a juvenile detention center in Rochester, New York. Publishing Location Posted on the ALCC website; screened at an opening of a prison diary exhibit at the Anne Frank House in SoHo; plan on possibly submitting it to …

Posted 114 months ago by

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TED interview with David Byrne 

I am liking what the editor did with close-ups in this interview with David Byrne, and the outro material at the end. It makes me think it might be a good way to handle the Voice. But then again, this is very much a tactic for emphasizing the character of the person you are interviewing. …

Posted 115 months ago by

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