Recording commercials (Media Show in the Classroom)

| May 5, 2010

In this third installment of the “Media Shot in the Classroom” series, we led the students while they recorded their commercials, which was quite an experience!

Publishing Location
The “Media Show in the Classroom” series will appear on the Media Show Case Study Pressible site.

Producer Notes
Here’s the third (but not final!) episode of the Media Show in the classroom. The shoot went well (with just a couple of technical difficulties), and the students were very excited to participate in the project. I was especially impressed at how professional the students were during the shoot.

Technical Notes
It was a fun one to produce, however we had some pretty serious audio problems, thus the subtitles in some places. Also, I’ve decided to not use a point and shoot camera (Canon G10 and Edirol field recorder) for future shoots! There just isn’t enough flexibility in shooting to make the size and unobtrusiveness of the camera worth the trouble. Editing was straightforward (Gus was very organized and clear in her directions for the class, she’s a terrific teacher!)