Author Feedback Tool (Conference Notes)

| July 14, 2010

Publishing Location: This series will be published on the EdLab blog.

Producer Notes:
Molly and I have been having a great time experimenting with this series for a couple of weeks now, initially trying a digital version with Jess, and now emulating Lev Yilmaz’s Tales of Mere Existence style. It was a lot of fun to produce, and I think that mixing the two camera style with the sped up sharpie drawings works pretty well. For now, we’ll call it “Conference Notes” however it might undergo a name change depending on who we interview in the future (it might be more flexible to have a different name…any ideas?)

Technical Notes: The interviews were shot on the JVC. The camera on the tripod was set on auto focus, so I had to add a sharpening filter to clean it up a bit. I added a brightness and contrast filter as well as a vignette filter to the color handheld footage. I thought it looks pretty nice. The animation footage was captured using the HVX, and then sped up in Final Cut.

Collaborators: Illustration/graphics, editing, interview: Molly; Camera, editing: Skye