Come On Feel The Noise…

| October 22, 2010

or not.

For those of you experiencing sudden, unexplained, godawful, ear piercing feedback from Final Cut Pro, you are in luck.  We may have a solution!

Normally, our audio from video recordings and voice over records has an audio rate of 48.0 khz.   This is also the standard number on our Final Cut Pro sequences.  The problem of feedback comes when our sequences have audio files with DIFFERENT audio rates.  Meaning, we bring in a sound file that has a different rate, such as 44.1 khz.

Say for example, you want to put in a song.  You convert that song to AIFF and then drag it into Final Cut.  But be careful!  Make sure your iTunes conversion settings are set to 48.0 and not 44.1.  If you bring in the 44.1 file to Final Cut Pro, it will play fine, but you may experience that maddening, deafening, and shocking feedback in your headphones.

So – Bottom line – make sure all of your sound files have the same audio rate!  That should help . . . .

— Michelle