Green Screening

| June 13, 2011

Green screening featuring my sister Jenny, a meteorologist/climatologist.

Tips from the video producer at her company, David Reynolds:

Daily we use an ultimate dv box, or the tricaster studio, both do live keys. For recorded stuff that we key later like the ads, we use after effects or final cut with key light or ultimatte plugins or the build in keyer in final cut with a lot of finessing.
I actually did a keying test a year or more ago taking the same footage recorded to take hdv which is 4-1-1 and tried out the built in fcp keyer, ultimatte plugin. Keylight, primatte and one other then tried the same with 4-2-2 footage direct from the camera to the computer through an Aja io/hd box and the same plugins. The 4-2-2 keys easier because there’s more color info. I liked keylight, and ultimatte plugins most, but ultimatte is a little better keyer but a lot slower to deal with causing longer render times and u can’t adjust on the fly in fcp like in built in keyer or keylight can.
If it’s something really important I prefer keying in after effects because you have more control than in fcp.
We also have a program called ultra that we use on virtual set stuff the keyer in it is very good as well. However it was a company called serious magic that adobe bought and have not ported to the Mac they didn’t include it this last go but at an adobe demo I asked about it and the presenter said that it wasn’t dead and it would be released after they update and port it. It’s the same company adobe got on location from, which can do live keying on a portable laptop or desktop.
Oh I just noticed up top the hdv color space should say 4-2-0 not 4-1-1 I love auto correct, 4-1-1 is dv.

Here is a good article: