ALCC Program in Rochester

| April 25, 2010

This is a video about the ALCC program (Arts, Literacy, and Classroom Community), a creative arts program in a juvenile detention center in Rochester, New York.

Publishing Location
Posted on the ALCC website; screened at an opening of a prison diary exhibit at the Anne Frank House in SoHo; plan on possibly submitting it to some film festivals.

Producer Notes
I tried to include a wide variety of voices involved with the prison and with the ALCC program; however, I did end up excluding a couple interviews with teachers from the Rochester City school district because it didn’t really fit into the overall story. Due to legal and permission issues, I couldn’t include students’ faces or full names, so hopefully the audio overlaid over the paintings works okay. I was lucky to get a lot of access in the prison and was able to film inside cells, etc.

Technical Notes
Shot with the Panasonic HVX, and shotgun and wireless mics. Ran out of space on the P2 cards, so it’s actually a mix of footage from DV tapes and P2 cards (which is HD). Learned my lesson to bring all the P2 cards on a long shoot!