Quick Tip: Focusing with EVF DTL (AF100)

| September 6, 2011

Countless resources call this feature “absolutely necessary.”  The EVF DTL is referred to as “peaking” and peaking uses the high-frequency detail in the image to draw an outline or highlight the edges as you focus.  In other words, it superimposes a line on the outline of whatever is most in focus.  It’s quite subtle and not distracting so I would recommend using this too.

If you need a little more blatant help, “User 1”  on the cameras is set for “focus assist” which is the same thing as the peaking but uses red lines instead of white, for focusing distinction.

Finally, with auto-focus lenses there’s actually a face detection feature.  I could actually see this come in handy during longshots.  It grabs the information for a subjects face and will keep that face in focus.  I think it’s worth a try.

This is achieved by setting the camera to recognize the subjects face using the small joystick on the side of the camera, then shifting the small spot meter box on the LCD screen and positioning it over the subject’s face; once set, simply hit the record button and the camera tracks focus automatically on the person’s face as they walked towards the camera.