Brightcove Settings

| June 14, 2010

I’ve been playing around a lot with Brightcove settings this weekend and done a lot of comparing on different bandwidth and monitor sizes and I think I found the setting that looks best for our videos.  I could be wrong though so I’d like people to add what they’ve discovered is the way to lose the least quality.  Perhaps I’m wasting too much time on this losing battle with Brightcove and video quality but for those who also hate to see videos reduced to grain, let’s see how we can help remedy it (besides a Vimeo switch).

  1. Upload H264 video with multiple renditions
  2. After BC has made multiple versions, select ‘video files’ and test which one you think looks best (I found that you at least want to pick a 500kbps size and vimeo quality seems to be around 500-1000kbps).
  3. Get the asset ID # of the size that you prefer
  4. Select ‘replace the video’ and search for the asset ID # you prefer to change the file to.

The problem with keeping the multiple files and not switching it out with the singular, higher quality file is that I have never–no matter how fast the computer or the size of the screen–seen it play video that is anything but the lowest quality version.  So, in other words, we have to delete the lowest quality versions so that they’re not an option.  The higher kbps take hardly any more time to load and they’re already uploaded to be used.

Please post what you find works well.  This may not be the best solution but it’s certainly better than letting BC choose variable quality, in my opinion.