An Interview with Anthony L. Brown and Keffrelyn D. Brown

| June 11, 2010

First published on the Teachers College Record

The Teachers College Record is a journal of research, analysis, and commentary in the field of education. It has been published continuously since 1900 by Teachers College, Columbia University

In this episode of “The Voice,” Anthony Brown and Keffrelyn Brown were interviewed about the paper they published in Teachers College Record, “Strange Fruit Indeed: Interrogating Contemporary Textbook Representations of Racial Violence Toward African Americans.

Producer Notes: With Gottsman Library as a resource, I had no problem finding the textbooks that the Browns used for their study. Scans of pages involving slavery and civil rights issues helped illustrate their points.

Technical Notes: There is a slight buzz in the audio, but I kept the original because it sounded too canned after processing in Soundtrack.

Collaborators: Shot by Erin Murphy at AERA in Denver in May, 2010. Interview by Jeff Frank. Edited by Jill Bauerle