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Gottesman Video Collective

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The Gottesman Video Collective is a group of video producers that reside in the Gottesman Libraries at Teachers College, Columbia University. We are interested in creating compelling videos that speak to issues in education. We use this space to get feedback on our work, share our ideas and content, and invite others to join the conversation.

Do you have an idea or need for a video? Join us.

The Gottesman Video Collective convenes every week. We can help put a camera in your hands (with the help of TC’s Media Services) and walk you through the process of creating and publishing great videos. Email us if you’re interested, and we’ll get back to you with details. We love to talk about:

  • Cameras, lighting, and shooting
  • Sound and audio mixing
  • Working with talent, interviewing, and media releases
  • Editing and other post-production issues
  • Publishing via YouTube, Vimeo, and more
  • Data analysis

Whether you’ve never picked up a camera, or if you’re a video professional, we’d love to work with you. Plus, we find that each new project is a learning experience for everyone.